Friday, June 24, 2011

Cheeseburger Spaghetti

"I am physically having to restrain myself from getting a 3rd bowl" ~Hubby ;))

When the idea for this dish hit me, I goggled "Cheeseburger Spaghetti" to see if anyone else had tried this before & was thrilled when I found that this might be the first of it's kind.  There were other pasta dishes that were similar but nothing came up with the use of spaghetti, so as far as I am concerned, here's the first one ;).  As you can see by my hubby's quote above, this was HUGE hit.  We loved it!!!  My hubby pinpointed that this dish tastes just like those White Castle burgers, which I remember eating when I was kid.  It took me back to those great tasting onion-y burgers.  I made this dish 2 nights ago & it's completely gone & I am about to make more.  By the way, I made the meat the day before to save time.         

8oz spaghetti noodles
1 lb ground meat (1/2 grd turkey & 1/2 grd pork)
1 (10 oz can) cream of onion soup
1/4 c half & half or whole milk
1/2 c cheese
2 tsp Dijon
1 T dill relish
1 tsp Worcestershire
1 T dried parsley (1-2 tsp fresh)
Garnish with paprika & monterey jack cheese

In a skillet, over med high heat, brown meat.  Season to taste, however you would season your burgers.  Leave meat in skillet & set aside.  Meanwhile, in a stock pot, cook noodles according to package directions, don't forget to salt your water.  Back to your skillet, on medium heat, stir in cream of onion soup, milk, cheese, Dijon, relish, worcestershire & parsley.  Once your pasta is done, drain it & return pot back to the stove.  Add the meat to your noodles & combine.  I used tongs to pull the noodles up & around the sauce.  Then transferred everything to a 2 qt oven safe dish, topped with monterey jack cheese & paprika.  Baked in 350F oven for maybe 10 mins, just to melt the cheese.  Serve with garlic bread & a salad.

Makes about 4 servings

Big southern hugs, 


  1. This looks delicious. When I first read the title, I was thinking it was going to be a hamburger goulash. But, this is something entirely different. Can't wait to try it:)

  2. What a grand idea! This must be as tasty as it looks...sooo glad you shared this amazing creation!

  3. Right now, I wish that I was making it instead of reading about it! Great idea...Looks delicious :)

  4. FABULOUS idea! Love, love, LOVE it!

  5. Oh I would eat it all too, great recipe. Nice blog too!

  6. Oh this looks incredible, my boyfriend would love this! Great blog you have here, so glad to be your newest follower! :)

  7. Wow, this immediately went on my dinner list for next week. I bet it would freeze well too. Thanks!

  8. Oh my goodness! That pasta is definitely calling my name. Yummy! Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  9. This sounds so delish! I'm betting my husband will be saying the same thing yours did when I make this. I never would have thought to add relish to a cheesy pasta dish but I bet that really adds a nice flavor.

  10. Oh yum. This looks so good Angie.

  11. I made this tonight. ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS. Everyone (me, hubby, 3 young boys) thought it was awesome. I am thankful I have some leftover for lunch tomorrow. Not only is it delicious, it's simple to make, and I like simple cooking.

  12. This is absolutely delicious! Tastes exactly like a cheeseburger. My fiance raved about this and wants it every week! Keep these kind of dishes coming - simple and scrumptious!

  13. Seriously amazing! Tastes exactly like a cheeseburger. I made this for my fiance a couple weeks ago and he hasn't stopped asking for it since. The leftovers are perfect for work the next day and will definitely make everyone in your office crave cheeseburgers :) Yum! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe, you've changed my fiance's life ;)

  14. What kind of cheese to you use for the 1/2cup called for in the recipe?

    1. Hey! I believe I used a cheddar/monterey jack blend but anything you have on hand would work fine, thanks for asking.


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