Friday, July 15, 2011

Lunch with Whitney Miller Masterchef

The Booksellers of LaurelwoodL'Ecole Culinaire of Memphis, co-hosted this spectacular event & the very talented culinary students prepared all the fantastic food.  Special thanks, to Cassie (hope I spelled your name right, if not please forgive me) who took fantastic care of us.  Please let us know where you end up ex-terning & we would love to come visit you!!  

What an amazing opportunity to taste some of the down home southern cuisine, by Whitney Miller, American's 1st MasterChef.  Whitney got the chance to travel to Los Angelos, CA where she competed in a month long culinary challenge, serving food to several famous judges, like Gordan Ramsey.  And not only did she survive that experience, she has gone on to write a cookbook, Modern Hospitality: Simple Recipes with Southern Charm.  It's essentially, classic southern dishes with a modern flair.  

As we sat down to await our lunch, Whitney walked around the room greeting folks, like any sweet southern host would do.  She is what us southerns would call, just a sweet as pie.  She chatted with everyone, signed cookbooks & just made everyone feel right home.  She walked up to our table & stuck out her hand but it just seemed like she was too precious not to give that BIG southern hug to.  So, it's official, she's been BIG southern hugged!!!  The room was buzzing while everyone awaited the debut of Whitney's glorious menu, which consisted of:

White Pizza with Fried Sage
One bite of this & our entire table was flagging the wait staff for more & we got them to serve us 3 plates of this, lol ;) 

 Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Brussels Sprouts
This recipe will make you LOVE them, try it & tell me I am wrong...officially hooked!!!

Rosemary Foccacia Bread 
with L'Ecole's Kalamata Olive Butter
This spongy Foccacia, will have you searching no more for the PERFECT bread to serve to your family tonight!!!

Inside-Out Chicken Pot Pie
It may not be Fall yet, but this pot pie will have you thinking it is, no matter what time of year you serve it.

Not Your Grandma's Lemon Meringue Pie
My fork, gently sunk into the Panna Cotta (fancy for Italian Custard), then into the crunchy meringue shell, a simple southern summer treat.  

Everyone & everything was spectacular!!!  And there isn't a single dish that Whitney shared with us that I would think twice about anyone being able to re-create in their own home.  Her dishes are full of flavor & just modern enough to still make you think about your grandmother & how she would be proud to consider all these recipes as classic southern cuisine.  

And southern gal would be complete without her family & her faith.  I really enjoyed meeting Whitney's parents, it was easy to see where Whitney gets her sweet southern charm & adorable smile, let me introduce to you...John & Mary Miller.  Whitney & I both share a love for our Lord & Savior.  And just below her signature she left me a very special gift that I want to pass onto you, it's 1 Timothy 4:12.     
Thank you, Whitney for sharing your gift from God with us.

Big southern hugs,


  1. What beautiful pictures! That food looks great..I am intrigued by the dessert. How did they do that?

  2. Thanks so much Heather!! There are 4 elements
    to the dish, all of which can be prepared ahead
    of time & assembled last minute as guests arrive.The meringue shells, were made from heavy whipping cream that was whipped into stiff peaks & then with the back of a spoon she created a bowl, which was then baked off so it would firm up & the Panna Cotta could sit in it. The Panna Cotta was done in a ramekin, to give it that nice domed shape. And it's topped with a tuile cookie & finally the lemon curd. It's actually all very easy & her cookbook perfectly describes each step & I can't wait to recreate it for our next dinner party!!

  3. Lucky girl!! Sounds like you had such a great time!! Whitney sounds like such a sweetheart and that picture of you two is just so cute!! :)

  4. Wow Angie looks like you had a great evening!

  5. What a wonderful gathering! Your food photos & descriptions are mouthwatering :) You completely rock for sharing!

  6. WOW Girl - looks like an awesome time! How special to meet the author...AND her parents? Very nice - very special autograph for you too. Nice going!

  7. Wow that is so exciting! I loved Whitney on the show and knew she would win from the very beginning! I want her to come to my city :)


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