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Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen - Memphis, TN

I am sure you are discovering the trend here, as we are making our way through Project Green Fork restaurants.  We seek them out specifically because of what PGF means to us & what they are doing for Memphis.   

Our latest visit is to Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen.  Owners/Chefs and good friends, Michael Hudman & Andrew Ticer are setting the bar high for Memphis restaurants.  Both guys left Memphis to head off to college at the very prestigious Johnson & Wales University.  Then they returned to Memphis to intern at Chez Philippe under French Master Chef, Jose Guitierrez.  And in 2008 they opened their doors.  As you look at each picture, you can see how their hard work & love for food, clearly resides in the presentation of each dish.  Please keep in mind that their menu changes regularly because having farm fresh ingredients means adapting to what is fresh & available.  

Truffled Chicken Livers
white wine, shallots, garlic, parsley & crostini
I was a little scared, I admit it.  But from the first bite, I quickly realized everything I had ever thought about chicken livers, simply originated from not having them prepared properly.  This delicate blend of shallots, garlic & white wine brought this dish together in a savory celebration of something that was 35 years in the making.  Now I know just how good a dish like this can be.

A/M Salad
farm greens, buffalo mozzarella, balsamic reduction, shallot vinaigrette 

& confit tomato

I saw the words "confit tomato" and knew this was a must. A tomato cooked in fat, enough said. I would have eaten an entire plate of just the tomatoes, had they let me. And the balsamic reduction gave the piled high fresh farm greens a slight hint of sweetness which complimented the buffalo mozzarella, that practically melted in my mouth.  
Maw Maw's Ravioli (small plate)
meat gravy

I wanted to show you how big these ravioli are, so you won't think "small plate" means small bite.  They give you a mouth full, for sure.  Although I gave up red meat years ago, I had no problem tossing that out for one night.  And when I took a bite of this, I most certainly thought twice about why I gave it up, in the first place.  This is one of those dishes that you will always find on the menu & by all means, a must try.     

Chestnut Agnolotti (small plate)
duck confit, parsnips, ginger, walnut panna gratta

I almost don't want to give away why it's so special.  But I am not one to keep my mouth shut (go ahead & laugh for those of you who know me well).  Ok, here's goes.  This pasta dish is both savory & sweet.  Bet you weren't expecting to hear that.  Sometimes being caught off guard, is a good the case here, it's a GREAT thing.  Discovering mid bite that the walnut panna gratta that finishes off this dish is actually sweet, was what made this dish so special.  And definitely something, I would love to recreate at home.  (Michael & Andy: I would love to know how this was made, if you are willing to school me, I would be honored & delighted).  The complexity of flavors from savory to sweet, made this my favorite dish of the evening.     

Want more from Andy & Michael...

Opening soon:
a NEW restaurant from Andy & Michael  

Hog and Hominy, 707 W. Brookhaven Circle
Memphis, TN 38117

Join us on April 29 for the kickoff event, can't wait to see ya there!!
Facebook Page Invite (more info)

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