Friday, May 4, 2012

Open Letter To Fellow Food Bloggers

Dear Food Bloggers,
I praise God everyday for each of you. I have met some really great folks along the way, we have formed fantastic friendships & yet we have never even met face to face.  But it seems like there is a slight misconception about who we are. We are our brands.  I, Angie Stewart Forester am Angie's Big Love of Food.  There is no difference between me & the food I post on my food page.  And what we create in the kitchen, means to love the person behind that creation. Years ago, when this journey began, I accepted that my personal & profession self would morph into being, one in the same.  And there are many culinary professionals out there, that will tell you the same thing, like Virginia Willis, whom I met back in October 2011.  So, when we go out into our communities & attend local events, we are our own individualistic brands.  We have built something very unique & we should be very proud of that.

We are a community of support but lately, something has been happening & I feel that it needs to be addressed.  Some of you have decided that being friends with personal FB pages, is not your thing, well that's ok.  I respect that.  But de-friending a personal page & still wanting to keep up with that person's food page, is essentially saying, they are 2 different things & they are not.  It's like hearing someone say, "it's not your food, I want to de-friend, it's just you."  Sounds pretty funny, doesn't it?! Plus, it means that you are walking away from those who have given their support to you.  And if that's the image, you want to put across that fine but that's not what our foodie community was founded on.  It was founded on love, support & appreciation for the special gifts, we share.  And Facebook, has been the foundation that allowed us to forms these connections in the first place.  Especially since we all live in different parts of the country.  Also, we do not need to hold each other accountable for how many times we "like" posts/comments.  And then use that as a measuring tool for who our closest friends are.  That is not your, who gets de-friended today tool, that's just silly folks, we are adults.  A lot of changes have occurred in the last 6 months on Facebook & chances are, what showed up in our news feeds 6 months ago, is just not showing up today.  We all know there's a science that is behind our news feeds & most certainly a lot we don't even know.

In conclusion, my hope is that by sharing this, it will help us show love and support for each other, the very best way we know how.  Our doors are always open, a welcome mat is always out & freshly baked cookies are always waiting.  In the beginning, it took some time to find all of you but we now have a solid circle of foodie friends, for which I am truly thankful.  Many of you are on my personal page because I love you, want to keep up with you (and your family) & how you are doing. Even if we don't get an opportunity to talk much, I am still here, reading as many of your posts as possible.  And I hope that we will be able to continue this community of support for years to come.

Blessings & love,


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    1. Sure thing, glad I could help!

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  3. Hi Angie,

    My name is Carey. I really enjoy your blog- I have my own cooking blog, but it's nothing like this. Yours is way more professional with really great recipes and equally stunning food photography! I was singing the praises of your blog on mine just recently. My blog is mostly about recipe short cuts and the food that isn't so terrible at Aldi. I also get ideas from parents I know because I work with kids.

    I am not a Facebooker and never will be for the exact behavior you mention here. We're adults, I say leave the cliques, lunchroom he said she said, "members only" elite clubs that school forbades you to create and note passing for the children! I joke, but I'm not really joking when I say to people that our society is going to the dogs and it's only going to get worse. What ever happened to respect and more importantly PRIVACY?

    I love your blog. I'm following it on blogger because I think Google Plus is just trying to become a new Facebook. The people playing "unfriending" games aren't true friends of yours. If they're still following your blog it's possible that they are involved with so much social networking they forgot to unsubscribe.

    What matters is the work you've put in here and the people who DO appreciate it, I'm one of them. Thank you for sharing with us!



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