Thursday, May 31, 2012

Otherlands Coffee Bar- Memphis, TN

Congratulations to The Otherlands Coffee Bar for being the Action News 5 Andy Wise, Project Green Fork Restaurant of the Month!!!!  My husband & I had the pleasure of visiting them for the first time.  You can cozy up at a table or on a comfy couch, which makes you feel right at home.  Add some warm lighting, local artwork and it's the perfect place to relax in an eclectic atmosphere.  And did I mention that our entire meal with less than $20?  You must see what all we got for that.  I bet you won't find a better deal, anywhere in Memphis & they are PGF certified!!!

Lox with Bagel & Cream Cheese 

This actually brought me back to the good ole days, Sunday Brunch at The Ridgeway Inn.  No one has been able to duplicate that, until now.  The smoky salmon, on a toasted onion H&H Bagel (New York's famous H&H will ship to your home), with their house made, fluffy cheddar & olive cream cheese, served with a side of capers & a was heaven on a plate. 

Breakfast Burrito

Savory eggs, lightly seasoned potatoes with cheese & all wrapped up on a warm tortilla. Then served alongside a tangy salsa, oh yeah!!!  You could opt for Turkey Sausage for those meat lovers.  

Chips & Hummus

We love the fact that none of the items we picked, came with a side item.  It gave us the freedom to pick something we both love & could share!!!  Other options include, spicy cheese grits, scoop of pimento cheese/egg salad & best cinnamon toast in the south (that's what they call it).  Can't wait to try them all.

Any questions?

For more information, please visit them on Urbanspoon. 

Otherlands Coffee Bar on Urbanspoon

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  1. It's really a neat little place. I wish there was something like it up here in Cordova!


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