Thursday, May 17, 2012

Russo's New York Pizzeria - Memphis, TN

Russo's New York Pizzeria is not your ordinary pizzeria, they provide traditional Northern and Southern Italian favorites but they also feature classic New York style pizzas.  Plus, their menu options include gluten free pizza's, pastas, organic items & local produce from our farmers markets. They are a very ingredient oriented establishment, with an entire menu page, dedicated to explaining all about the type of ingredients that go into their classic Italian dishes.  On a side note, they could be a great candidate for becoming Project Green Fork certified.  Which you all know is huge, right now, in Memphis & will be for years to come!!  

Spinach & Artichoke Dip
This dip comes together with a creamy roasted garlic Alfredo, served with 
toasted Foccacia bread, lightly sprinkled with parmesan cheese

Prosciutto Wrapped Buffalo Mozzarella 
Like a crazy Caprese Salad, with it's creamy Buffalo mozzarella, wrapped in basil & grilled crispy prosciutto & resting on a bed a crunchy romaine (this dish received top billing from everyone at the table, a must try)

Ravioli Pomodoro
These gorgeous pillows are filled with savory cheeses, then topped with a delightfully chunky & hearty pomodoro sauce

Chicken Portabella Pizzotto
This unique dish, it's the offspring of a quesadilla & a pizza.  A pizza crust on top & on bottom stuffed with meaty Portabella mushroom, chicken, creamy mozzarella cheese & spinach.  Might I suggest serving it with a side of marinara for dipping?  Oh yeah baby!!!
Speaking of offspring, meet Caleigh (ain't she precious?!).  She found out that a knife is not only good for cutting your food but also helps soothe when those pesky teeth are starting to come in.  I promise she was using the dull end of that knife & being supervised the entire time.  Too funny not to share...  

Thank you to entire staff for your stellar service & tasty cuisine.  Especially to the owner, Brett, who ensured our dining experience, surpassed our greatest expectations.  We had a great time & will definitively be returning.  

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  1. We like Russo's and go there when we want to get out of 38017; however, I find their sauce a tad watery. I just ask them to strain the pasta twice though and it seems to solve the problem.


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