My story

Hi y'all!!

I'm Angie, a Southern girl born and raised in Tennessee. My love for all things food began at a very young age, like most of us, I expect, and all the thanks goes out to both my grandmothers and my mom. My first job, at 16 yrs old, was in a local restaurant called Dundees...we were this big happy family! The memories of that place and the people I met there are still with me 'til this day..I'm even still trying to duplicate some of my favorite recipe from there to this day...I like to think I've gotten pretty close. 

As a child I had to smell everything..all my food had to pass my special 'sniff test' before I would eat it. That got lots of laughs...but, as I've gotten older, that heightened sense of smell has allowed me to be able to create dishes from scratch that I never would've thought up without it...I definitely consider it a gift from God! Now, as an adult, my husband pokes fun at how I start smelling things at least 2 minutes before he does...kinda' crazy, but true.

With a BBA in Hospitality Resort Management from the University of Memphis, I've worked with and around food for many years. I've even spent some time in the kitchens of the South's Grand Hotel, The Peabody Memphis - it was one of the grandest experiences of my life!! I was able to walk the kitchen and back halls of where some of the most amazing dishes were born!

In 2009, I started having adverse reactions to certain foods...I was forced to cut out a lot of the things I deeply loved to determine what exactly was causing my issues. I was scared to admit that food had almost become the enemy at that point. I was so limited in what I would allow myself to consume that meal times started to become a chore. Stepping on a scale is not always about losing weight...some step on a scale and have an a-ha moment and have to vow to start gaining it...that was me. I stepped on that scale, had my moment and realized I had to do something to help fix what was going on with my body. That day changed my life forever and, from that point forward, I embraced everything food had to offer. I slowly reincorporated one thing at a time until I felt comfortable with the results, then I'd move on to the next. I am so thankful that I never reached an unhealthy point because God directed me to catch myself long before it got to that point. Thank you, God, for opening my eyes. So that's how Angie's BIG Love of Food on Facebook was you search my Facebook page and my blog, know that each recipe is a step on my journey back to re-embrace foods I once had to give up.

A few months after I started the Facebook page, my 15 years in 'Corporate America' came to an end as I decided to walk away from it back in October of 2009. That decision came after I realized that the quality of life I wanted in my mid-30's was not going to happen, otherwise. And that decision ultimately allowed me the time I needed to really put my heart and soul into the food page. It wasn't until about a year later than I started the blog as an extension of what I was already doing on Facebook. I am so thankful that God is guiding me through all of this, back to all things food! And, you want to know the best part? I am able share all of this with you. 

My husband and I started a Supper Club group back in September 2010 and in March we had the amazing opportunity to feature cookbook author Christy Jordan from Southern Plate.  Each person created a dish from her cookbook and Christy herself joined us via Skype for the festivities.  It was an amazing experince!!  We spent more than 3 hours enjoying her company and all her amazing food.  Next we are featuring the 2009 James Beard award winner, Martha Hall Foose and Martha has agreed to join us as well.  Recently, our local paper, The Commercial Appeal , expressed interest is doing a featured article on our Supper Club and we are so honored.  It should be out sometime this summer and we can't wait!!

Thanks for stopping're always welcome at our table!

Big Southern hugs,


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